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A school in the heart of Chicago that prides itself on it's high standards when it comes to acceptance. Disregard that most of the families of the kids that go there are huge donors to the school and have a ton of legacy there, so that even if they get a fifty on the entrance exam there's no way they can't be accepted. Often regarded a "party school" it's wonderful if you're interested solely on doing copius amounts of pot and heroine and having sex with strangers at rich suburbenite kid's parties. Not so great if you're interested in surrounding yourself with people interested in learning and their futures. There are about 10 kids in each class that are, and they're not too popular. Just your run of the mill ridiculous catholic high school bullshit.
Cathy: St. Ignatius College Prep! you must be pretty smart to be going there!
Kevin: Haha yeah, it's pretty chill, I got herpes there though from this one chick.
by FGSRS180 August 13, 2010

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