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A movement made up of a bunch of lazy, self entitled loudmouths who, after years of having no friends on account of their encompassingly annoying qualities, got together to scream, yell, and vandalize to feel like they were part of something. This lame embarrassment of humanity was only strong for one season, fall of 2008, and once the cold of winter came, these pussies gave up and "Occupy" was never the same. Currently, they claim to be strong but that is only on twitter where no one but retards like Kim Kardashian and Justin Beiber hold any sway.
Loser with no friends: "I'm part of occupy, also known as Occupy Wall Street, OWS"

Me: "So, at 22, you bitch about not having things you have not worked for and do not deserve?"

Loser with no friends: "The government is wrong, banks are wrong"

Me: "You're nowhere near Wall Street, you're in Folsom California and your father is a surgeon while your mom is a pediatrician. The government should shoot you."
The word that over-sensitive idiots with giant chips on their shoulders who complain more than try in life always go to when anyone expresses any opinion different than theirs. Quite often heard by assholes on twitter who say they're with "occupy", "anonymous", "naacp", "glaad", or other similar groups created by people who would rather complain than try.
Me on a personal call while walking down the street: "Traffic was so bad that it took me 10 minutes to get home...it was so gay"

Professional oversensitive complainer who eavesdrops on my conversation: "You shouldn't say that word, don't be so intolerant"

Me: "eat shit loser before you get shot"

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