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A lesser known cousin of the jewpanasian, the BDMAC tends to shamelessly ask her friends for advice and then promptly turn around an do whatever she pleases. The decisions made by the BDMAC usually end with her in jail after her horrible idea ends in death and destruction. She tends to believe that she is a ninja however we all know that ninjas are not cambodian.
If a bad decision making assclown jumped off a cliff would you?
by FCW December 03, 2008
Creten shoemaker children who actually hailed from Cambodian descent. When the child labor laws were passed against children under the age of twelve working in shoe factories, they were disowned by their parents and forced to leave Cambodia and take on the jewpanasian heritage. This is a completly falsified heritage and is now overrun with small, slanted eyed midgets with a phenominal ability to make shoes.
Have you seen the new Jewpanasian shoes made by Reebok?
by FCW August 11, 2008
The pin-up asian is commonly found in Japan (usually in jail after caught exposing herself to children at playgrounds). The pin-up asian is sometimes elusive and will not get caught with indecent exposure due to the fact that she can be confused for a small asian boy. Her hobbies include: day-time prostitution, sushi rolling, cross dressing, impersonating crossing guards at preschools so that she can be near children, and underwater basket weaving. The pin-up asian is unable to reproduce due to her chromosomal abnormalities and is therefore on the endangered species list. Wanted dead or alive, reward for her mounted trophy head.
Is that pin-up asian day-time hooking again? Who does that?
by FCW January 31, 2009

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