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When a man tells a woman that he is not interested in her in a romantic manner, but instead of going away, the woman hangs on, pops up uninvited, and helps with anything the man needs. She uses these tactics in hopes that she can wear down the man's resolve, ensuing the relationship she wanted. Sometimes the woman will also resort to the drunken hook-up in addition to the wear down to help her cause.

You can find this method being used by the girl cleaning up after a frat/sports team party, the woman staying late at work helping with someone else's project, and the chick at the end of the bar asking the bartender if he needs ice.
She showed up at the bar again last night.. I know she's pulling the wear down on me.

In the movie Van Wilder, Jeannie was totally pulling the wear down on Richard.

We all know that when she says she was "in the neighborhood", it means she's just trying to keep the wear down going on him.
by FBKS907Face June 08, 2009
the involuntary reflex a person makes when high on cocaine. Normally a facial twitch that ranges from subtle to very blantant, depending on the amout of cocaine taken.
New drinking game! Take a drink everytime Dawn's face makes the coke reflex

How did expect me to think he was sober? He had the the coke reflex going on.
by FBKS907Face June 18, 2009

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