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A creamy Dimple is completed when a man ejaculates in a womans belly button.
"yeeeah man I did a creamy dimple last night with my girl"


"What the creamy dimple"

"How dare you creamy dimple me"
by FAST-RESULTS May 17, 2010
Supplies needed:
1. pyridoxine (often found in Peanut butter)
2. lemon juice
3. Q-tips (optional)
4. Vaccuum hose
5. 8 oz of salt water
6. Shaving Cream (Gel)

First, mix pyridoxine (peanut butter), lemon juice, and 8oz of salt water in a bowl. Second, shave genitals completely, then stroke shaft with shaving cream until it is fully covered and moist. third, dip your penis in the bowl and soak for 5 minutes. Once fully marinated, turn vaccuum on, and slowly insert penis into the vaccuum hose. (If needed, lubricate hose with q-tips, and more shaving cream.) Allow penis to sit in hose for desired length. (longer the time, longer the penis.) Once suction is completed, if erection has not occured, slowly massage penis until fully erected. Repeat three days a week for 2 weeks. (allow healing time between days)

1.If ejactulation occurs during suction process, call 911 immediately, and contact poison control.
2. Do not use if your family has a history of erectile disfuction.
3. If drowsiness occurs, quickly turn of vaccuum and stick hose up anus and continue suction process.
"Wow that penis enlarger really worked!"

"hey what you wanna do today?"
"lets go get a penis enlarger!"

"Hey can i buy this peanut butter?"
"yeah, you going to try that penis enlarger program?"

"Dude youre penis is HUGE!!"
"yeah i used this penis enlarger program, it's a miracle!"

"Hey penis enlarger.."
by FAST-RESULTS May 17, 2010
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