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2 definitions by FALAMABAM

A negative term used when calling someone a name to bring them down. A duleys towel can also be referenced as a "sperm rag" and is considered one of the most foul names to be called.
bad friend- "i totally ate the last hot pocket man, looks like youre going to have to buy more"

normal friend- "STFU you duleys towel and buy everyone more hot pockets.........bitch."
by FALAMABAM July 12, 2011
This rule applies to people who are clingy to their significant other, and posts their "true love" on their websites. This rule takes them from "cute" and "tolerable" to "straight up annoying" and should be ignored.
normal friend: Oh, i love to have butter on my toast.

rule 0 person: OMGZZZ! (insert name here) loveezzz buttter. oh i miss him so much. i love my babyyyyyyy.

rule 0.
by falamabam March 01, 2010