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1 definition by F++

a greeting phrase used everywhere to replace the likes of "Hej" "Hello" and "Salut" in Swedish English and French respectively. It is the simplest of all greetings, it demands only one push of one finger on your keyboard (assuming that your finger is longer than 1cm) on the + and enter buttons of the numerical area of your keyboard.
It is mainly intended for use in instant messenging services but can be used oraly aswell.
<02:32> EFX : +
<02:32> Aevum : +
<02:33> EFX : sup?
<02:33> Aevum : mapping, u?
<02:33 EFX : spreading the word of the best greeting on earth!
<02:34> Aevum : Jäää!
by F++ May 22, 2006