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A nickname for an emo girl.
Jess: I want to be and emo with you guys!
Princess Darkness: Your name is no longer Jess. It is Night Angel!!!!!
by Ezza Kezza July 10, 2011
a rich kid who's really snotty, bitchy, and flashes her money around alot.
Georgina: Oh, look, I found 50000 in my purse. Oh look, it's my Lamborghini waiting for me! Oh, Rachel, don't come any closer; you might spill 'commoner' on my Gucci and Dior.

Rachel: Georgina is an aristo-brat. She's so bitchy and horrible.
Tia: She threw her Coke bottle at me. Threw!
by Ezza Kezza July 10, 2011
So cute and fluffy and adorable, you might just cry.
Little Fluffy FrouFrou: Oh my gosh, that bunny in soooooooo adorabubble!!!!! (sobbing)

Night Angel: GET OVER IT... wait... it is soooooo adorabubble!
by Ezza Kezza July 10, 2011
1: I've heard this bullshit before

2: I've seen this cow (bitch) before

3: I've seen this cow (animal) before
Jacinta: Are you coming to the movies with me?
Derek: Sorry. Working on a science project with Hannah...
Jacinta: Deja moo.

2: Lauren: I'm having a deja moo! Have i seen the lying cow before?
Dana: If anyones a lying cow, it's you.

3: Daisy da Cow: Moo!
Sarah: Have I seen you before?
Daisy da Cow: Moo!
Sarah: I must be having a deja moo.
by Ezza Kezza July 10, 2011
a girl (often in high/middle school) that says yes to EVERYTHING to make freinds.
1: Hannah: Do you like chocolate
Makenzie: Yes.
Hannah: Are you diabetic?
Makenzie: Yes.
Hannah: Have you had sex before?
Makenzie: Yes

2: Hannah: Makenzie is such an agreeing machine!
Olivia: Yeah! She said she's had sex, and she's 3 grades below us!
by Ezza Kezza July 10, 2011
Adorable but dorky.

Leilani: Chris is sooooo adorkable!
Kate: Yeah....

2: (emo's)

Night Angel:Cats are stupid!
Princess Darkness: i know!
Little Fluffy Frou Frou: They're cute!
Night Angel: DORKY!
Princess Darkness: You think they're cute, you think they're dorky. They're adorkable.
by Ezza Kezza July 10, 2011
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