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4 definitions by Ezra

Great, Essential, and Potent rolled into a single word. Clutch is also used to describe something that is done, not something that is.
Stealing your orange soda was so clutch.

Pulling the special move on Jenna was clutch.
by Ezra June 30, 2003
2391 1947
white boy trying to be japanese.
johnny dressed up like a geisha and bought dragonball-z magazines at Barnes and Noble Bookstores. he also tried to eat sushi with chopsticks
by ezra April 07, 2003
107 80
A homeless person. Someone with no home, often found smoking crack in dark alleys.
There were some dangeroos in front of the bank again, Chet. They asked me if I could spare some change, by golly.

A dangeroo was passed out in the park, again.
by Ezra July 11, 2004
4 2
Philadelphia slang term that became the substitution for any noun or pronoun... also used to describe a small but nonspecific amount of something. Similar to lump of sugar.
"How much cream do you want in your coffee?"

"A chumpy. Maybe two."
by Ezra October 28, 2004
15 39