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It is a word that 2 married people use when they are having an affair and no one else knows and they want to tell each other that the love each other, but can't because their spouses, children or friends are around, so they make up a stupid sounding word to express their love to each other.
Bobby and the love of his life are on the telephone, but his son is standing next to him so he says to the beautiful goddess when getting ready to hand up the phone: "Schnoozle, Bye"
by EzmereldaG October 02, 2006
Female who enjoys pursuing and engaging in sexual activities with police officers.

Even if the copy might were bad cloths & shoes when they are off duty, and they hardly call and have a small dick, the thought of them in a uniform will excite them to a point of "I don't careville". "I don't careville" commonly occurs with woman when they see a rock star and even thou he is butt-ass fucking ugly, they will still sleep with them for the glory.
Annie is acting like such a po ho lately by sleeping with 2 cops.
by EzmereldaG September 29, 2006

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