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( pronounced squeece)
1. A word with no definite meaning. It can be substituted in place of any noun, adjective, or verb. Most commonly used in a insulting manner, i.e. light profanity.

2. (noun) A shrill screech, usually accompanied by a juicy squish, that is emitted by a wounded hamster just before being liquefied in a blender.
1: (noun) - "Go drown yourself in a bucket of squice!"
(adj) - "I made this lovely dessert for you, consisting of vanilla ice cream and freshly-cut squice berries."
(verb) - "I squiced your girlfriend last night, and DAMN, she's a screamer."

2: "The sound that guy made when I ran him over with my car resembled the squice of a dying hamster."
by ExplodingHamster April 30, 2010

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