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34 definitions by Exor

A large congregation of people banding together to take down whatever it is they think is plaguing their life. They usually carry torches and pitch forks, and speak in old english.
"Down with __________!" Someone says, raising his pitch fork.
Thousands of others scream "Down with__________!!!!!!" raising their torches and pitch forks.
by Exor January 15, 2004
The crapiest game system ever developed. It was created by the Microcrap game division that implemented about every bug known to man into it's crap...er....masterpiece.
You moronic simpleton, I can't believe actually own a suxbox!
by Exor November 24, 2003
The best part about the Transformers. Millions of mindless drones completely loyal to the dictator of Cybertron(BM Megatron). Consists of Aerodrones, Cycle drones, Tank drones, Sentinel-class Tank drones, Mole drones, Assault car drones, Construction drones, ATV drones, (F)ATV drones, stealth drones, diagnostic drones, personal defense drones, and Copter drones.
Vehicons, the wave of the future. Transformers without sparks... No more individual minds, just one single guiding intelligence......MINE!
by Exor March 06, 2004
The capital of Megatron's new Vehicon world order on Cybertron. Was at one time a major center of Cybertronian politics and commerce. The seat of the Maximal High Council of Elders before Megatron's takeover.
Hundreds of Vehicon drones patrolled the streets of Cybertropolis.
by Exor February 09, 2004
One of an innumerable ammounts of mechanized shock troopers used by the evil dictator of Mobius, Ivo Robotnik.
"All SWATbots in sector 237 report to the command center immediately!"
by Exor November 03, 2003
Something utterly resembling garbage.
Anime, XBOX, Playsation 1-2, etc.
by Exor October 29, 2003
A tree-humping hippie.
"I saw Diaboluzz hitting on a tree last sunday eve."
by eXoR May 04, 2003