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Doing irreparable harm to your own best interest through the consequences of your own actions.
(1)Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica turned out to be karmacide.
(2) Hey man, did you hear that Max committed karmacide when he went on a drunken spending spree and over-spent his credit card by $10,000.
(3) I am asking Kelly to marry me, hope it does not turn out to be karmacide.
by Exigent Mind January 07, 2011
An amount or “wad” of money possessed or used by a person who falsely believes it is sufficient to accomplish something impossible or deliver magical solutions to a problem. A term applied to someone with delusional or false hopes about what spending money can accomplish.
“President Obama thinks corporate bailout money is a magic wad. He expects sociopathic corporate executives to instantly become honest and responsible as a condition of bailing out the companies they have destroyed through incompetence, greed and corruption.”

“Hey dude, Benny thinks he is going to find two tickets to the sold out Paisley Rabbits concert tonight for the twenty dollars he has left from his pay check. Yeah, he thinks he has a magic wad.”

“I have made a million dollars now. If I want something done all I have to do is make a telephone call and it happens. I am going to call my Congressman and tell him I want all the current members of the US Supreme Court removed and replaced by the end of the month.” (This man thinks one million dollars is a magic wad that will get his Congressman to do anything he wants.)
by Exigent Mind December 22, 2009
A person who trolls the internet looking for people, ideas, information or organizations to drag back to a forum they belong to so forum members can ridicule, cyber-bully, harass, defame or insult their target with distortions, falsehoods, or character assassination, and engage in other acts of malice.
There are a lot of crackbots on the James Randi Educational Foundation Forum who pretend to be experts on critical thinking skills when it is clear from what they post that most members do not know the first thing about critical thinking.

Julio spent two hours screaming in my ear about how stupid some physicist was when he saw an internet article about him filing a grant application for cold fusion research. Julio was just doing his usual crackbot routine. He knows nothing about physics.
by Exigent Mind December 09, 2012
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