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1: A popular anime that is very poorly done. More sophisticated men/women of anime will tell you that it doesn't deserve the credit it gets.

2: An anime consisting of a terrible plot, annoyingly stereotypical characters, a love story equal to that of a 13 year old girl talking about a boy, and enough fillers (episodes that have nothing to do with the initial plot line) to make 4kids keel over.

The Plot: Naruto is a young orphan boy who was born with the demon of a fox of nine tails inside him. Having the fox inside of him has made other people in the village despise him, but also given him a great power. After you learn that you meet the other two main characters Sauske and Sakura. The plot then picks up to the adventures of these three with their sensie Kakashi. After which Sauske leaves the group in search of a greater power through an evil man named Orochimaru. It then turns into a long chase down of Sauske to which is seemingly endless. Along the way they run into a tiny group of rejects who come from different villages across the land. They try to hunt Naruto down for his power of the fox, while Naruto hunts Sauske down. The plot is very easy to follow.
Naruto? that anime sucks.
by Exalted November 14, 2010

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