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The metamorphasis a wigger goes through when they reach the pinnacle of wiggerness.
Jollystylez is yet to go through negrosis.
by ExS July 18, 2003
e-Woman, noun.

An internet user that potrays themselves as a woman. An e-woman is not necessarily a woman in the real world (the world that exists outside that of a computer), but can be of either gender, but most frequently male. e-Woman are generally 40 years of age or older and pass their time by seducting young, teenage males over the internet by masquerading as teenage females.
DeMiNe0 was whipped by the new e-Woman.
by ExS January 06, 2004
An uncircumsized human penis.
That bachoko looks like a pig-in-a-blanket.
by ExS September 29, 2004
Someone who believes they are smart but in reality are mediocre.
"Hey wow he's so smart"!
"No he's a total Reliance."
by Exs February 22, 2014

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