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Created in 1999, Neopets is a never-ending online game, in which you take care of pets, buy/sell/trade items, earn NP through games/auctions/shops, and chat on the messageboards. It used to be a fun way to kill time, but now the Neopets Team is too obsessed with putting their Neopets brand out there with annoying merchandise and promotions at stores no one in the world knows the locations of. Neopets is dying a slow, painful death because the Neopets Team is too busy sitting in front of their computers all day and night, eating pizza and doughnuts, and randomly freezing people's accounts for no apparent reason. Plus, they don't even put out New Features relevant to the average user anymore.
SweetAznBabie69: Lik omg dis Neopets thing is lik sooooo popular! It has lik over 80 million users!
DeathToNeopets: You realize that out of the 80 million users, about 79,800,000 accounts were rendered inactive due to constant scamming, random freezings, and plain stupidity on part of the users to get themselves frozen?
SweetAznBabie69: But lik Neopets is lik sooooo cool cuz you can get boyfriends on the chat!
DeathToNeopets: Yeah Neopets is great for that if you like fat, unattractive, lifeless, 13-year old nerds who can't step out of their houses for one second.
SweetAznBabie69: I lik how Neopets updates the site with new stuff everyday!
DeathToNeopets: Yeah, I'm so excited about the new plushie they released that costs 9 million NP. Oh yeah, I think that new paint brush color they made looks awesome - what was it called again? Oh yeah, Crap.
SweetAznBabie69: I'm lik sooooo hyped for the new promotion their having at that store! I'm gonna get soooo much stuff from there and enter in all my rare item codes!
DeathToNeopets: They're holding the promotion in South Africa, and all the rare items are pieces of worthless crap that should be thrown at the Nazis that are the members of the Neopets Team.
by ExNeopetsPlayer September 08, 2004
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