3 definitions by Ewan Slater

1. The verb: to bloke smoke - to give oral sex to a man
2. A bloke smoker - someone who gives oral sex to a man

"I saw him smoking a bloke last night, fucking bloke smoker"
by Ewan Slater March 20, 2007
A sexual maneouvre guaranteed to produce maximum pleasure, involving the pinching of a woman's clitoris. It can however cause pain if performed inexpertly.
My girlfriend was moaning for ages last night after I gave her a pinge.
by Ewan Slater May 19, 2007
A form of high-velocity blowjob. Ie: a blowjob at a higher speed and with more force than usual.
My girlfriend gave me the best motorhead last night.
by Ewan Slater May 19, 2007

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