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Person between the ages of 14 and 21 who decides that they will be incredibly original and cute and popular by making a Myspace account, adding fellow scene kids, and generally making oneself out to be cool and superior.

How to spot:
-MUST have a Myspace account
-Mentions guns, babies, dinosaurs, robots, indie bands, techno bands, any obscure band they can find, being "gangsta", getting drunk, skulls, chucks, vans, the letter X, the ampersand, internet hearts <3, etc.
-Talks condescendingly
-Often partakes in music elitism
-Takes photos of self in mirror, in car, in sunglasses, from above, of boobs, of hips, of feet, of self drinking alcohol, of self making kissy face, of self looking like a hyperactive toddler, of self doing illegal things, of self passed out, of self and friends joined at the head and making faces
-Uses small fonts, overlapping fonts, pink, white and black
-Has friends take photos of themselves holding signs which say "I <3 NAME!!1 OMGZ. KTHXBAI"
-Uses chatspeak sarcastically
-Parties often and talks about it on Myspace
-Hates the world while desperately seeking its attention
-Uses MS Paint to draw little hearts in the corner of everything

Scene kids can be catty and obnoxious, so it's best to avoid them. They often become wrapped up in internet popularity and begin to become the trendy persona they've created on their website. They are fake through and through, and therefore untrustworthy.
"xx____&&bangbangslut<\3 RAWR_IMA_DINOSAUR;;_INNIT is in your extended network." -Myspace Scenester Alert
by Evita M May 15, 2006

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