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To beat off your cock at hyper or supersonic speeds, and screaming "Ohhhhh Shhhhhiiiittttt!" Before nutting all over your walls like a bitch
Jabb: Using your left or right hand to beat your shit
by Evilposidon October 06, 2011
To do the ish out of someone that may or may not be about it
Sex. Dome
by Evilposidon October 06, 2011
A term used by sick ass kids
During sex u may be tempted to yell this..Dahhhuuuuu
by Evilposidon October 06, 2011
Its small but gets the job done
Ausjuan Pinky Price: Doesn't take ish from assholes, Plays "Chicken-Shit" regularly like a G, and pisses in toilets far away and behind trash cans.
by Evilposidon October 06, 2011
A sick fucking kid, Likes to hoop 20% of the time. What does he do with the other 80% u ask? Well he has a pretty large Cock, so he taps bad bitches on the regular. Xboxlive fans may know him as "Evilposidon", Atascocita High school kids may know him as "One-A-Week", All hoopers alike know him as "Fro", but this is my definition so everyone that isn't about ish can get the fuck. Christopher Hodges is known for his PornStar moves in them sheets cuz that nigga gets after that ish, and he is also know for his Greek God type body ;)
Bro your such a Christopher Hodges! "I know my nigga now fuck off"
by Evilposidon October 10, 2011

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