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What a rude, camera hogging hippie screams when the cops put a couple thousand volts through his sorry ass when he won't comply. One such hippie, Andrew Meyer, immortalized these very words when cops at the University of Florida zapped the SOB cause he refused to leave when told to. Rather than follow the rules for the discussion, Meyer used profane words, which he knew would result in the mic being cut off, so he could grab a few lines for his lame-ass online rants. He's more of a tabloid style journalist than a proper one, the type that has to create news instead of reporting it. Anyone who says he wasn't resisting the cops hasn't seen the video. Jumping up and down like a fucking jack rabbit(or in his case, jack ass) and trying to force your way back to the mic isn't what you would call cooperative behavior. End result: one slightly crispy hippie. Questioning authority is a good thing, but doing it just for it's own sake and the chance to get attention is a waste of air and taking up the time for legitimate anti-establishment people.
Cops: Sir you need to leave.
Me: fuck you im exercising my right to free speech so i can get attention and pussy from the hippie chicks.
(cop pulls out taser)
Me: Oh shit!!! Don't tase me bro!
by Eviljack78 September 30, 2007

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