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The rulers of any hole, also the cause of bad weather. To worship them, you must dance around a hole like an idiot, saying "HOLE GODS HOLE GODS HOLE GODS!" frantically.
Zoe: Omg its about to rain.

Annabel: The hole gods must be really pissed...

Eli: Well, what're you waiting for? We need to find a hole to worship.
by EvilPlanNumberThree May 19, 2010
An expression used for teenagers and kids who are not fat, but eat as though they should be 500 pounds.
Annabel: Wow Zoe, did we seriously just eat cookies, chocolate milk, and half a thing of Lucky Charms all at once?... FAT KIDS CLUB UNITE!

Zoe: Yeah buddy! Woo!
by EvilPlanNumberThree May 15, 2010

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