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Psychic relates to the supernatural capabilities of the mind. While there is no proof that psychic powers really exist, there are many believers. Here is a list of the psychic powers I can think of.

1)Future Sight - You can predict events that have not yet occured.

2)Telekinesis - My favorite. You can move objects around using nothing but your mind. Many video games, books, and shows portray telekinesis as being very powerful and capable of lifting heavy objects. Supposed real life telekinesis can only do small things like opening doors and levitating very small objects.

3)Pyrokinesis - You can control fire to an extent.

4)Remote Viewing - You can see events without actually being there. I bet most guys would use it to watch chicks undress without risk of getting caught.

5)Mind control - You can influence people's minds or completly take control of thier bodies.
-Telekinetic Guy: Psychic Wedgie!
-Victim: Bastard! Just because your psychic doesn't mean you gotta rub it in our faces.
by EvilPizzaMan July 03, 2005
Intelligent Design is the idea that some all-powerful being created the original elements of the universe or is guiding the events of the universe. This is different from creationism, which is basicly the idea that god made the entire world, as it is today, in a matter of days. Intelligent design is in contrast with evolution and natural selection, which has the development of life occuring by chance. Intelligent Design is primarily used to explain how creatures as different and complex as humans have come to be.

I myself don't believe one way or the other, and don't really think it matters. If one day we learn for a fact that the world was created by a giant blue pastry, how is that going to change our lives? It won't.
Scientist: All life has evolved through Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. The most fit will survive.

Intelligent Design Believe: No way, humans are like 100 times more intelligent than the second smartest animal, and they've radically changed the entire planet in a couple thousand years. That's not natural, something most be helping them.

Creationist: God made the entire world in 7 days and if you don't believe it youre going to hell!!11!

Scientist and ID Believer: ...oooook... lets go watch some pr0n.
by EvilPizzaMan November 18, 2005

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