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Medieval term used to describe the ‘reverse cowgirl’ position. Used prior to the invention of the word ‘cowgirl’.
Forsooth, friend Catesby! Yon wench passed the previous evening in my chambers where she attempted a manner of copulation quite astounding. As she crouched astride my manhood, I could only imagine the poor woman to be akin to some sort of confused jouster mounting their steed in reverse.
by EvilBiscuit June 17, 2013
The single, errant finger that accidentally changes a harmless text message or e-mail into a raging, steamy, homosexual confession.
When texting Kevin, I intended to type "This song is fucking awesome!" However, he received "This dong is fucking awesome!" Looks like my gayfinger was doing all the typing.

Travis e-mailed me asking if Chris knew where we were. I replied: "I just massaged him." Thanks, gayfinger!
by EvilBiscuit May 24, 2011
When one has befouled a public washroom to such an extent that they will go to any lengths to NOT be found out as the culprit.

As demonstrated by Lukas Haas in the 1985 Harrison Ford film 'Witness'. Wherein, Haas hides from a suspicious Danny Glover in a public washroom.
I walked into the bathroom at work less than two minutes after Jamie and the stench was unimaginable. I looked to the stalls to see if his shoes were present, but he was totally trying to pull a Witness - trying not to get caught fumigating.
by EvilBiscuit July 30, 2013
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