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The male equivalent of a motorboat. A person sticks his or her face into a male's crotch and rocks their head side to side while vigorously making a lip-vibrating "brrrrrr" sound.
When she saw me she dropped to her knees and gave me one hell of an outrigger. My crotch is still vibrating.
by EvilBender October 11, 2009
The act of giving or receiving a blumpkin while on the street. Subject A proceeds to defecate in a street, sidewalk, or alleyway. Subject B performs fellatio on Subject A during the defecation process.
The homeless guy was already taking a dump in the alley; I thought I would be charitable and give him a Street Blumpkin.
by EvilBender October 12, 2009
Similar to a Dutch Rudder, but performed with ones mouth as opposed to a hand. An Oral Dutch Rudder is achieved with the help of a friend. As you try to perform autofellatio, the friend will assist by pushing your head down into your crotch. Often, the Oral Dutch Rudder is the only way most men can achieve autofellatio. One must exercise caution, as an overzealous friend can easily lead to back problems, and in extreme cases, a broken neck.
Zack helped me with an Oral Dutch Rudder last night. I wouldn't have been able to reach without him.
by EvilBender October 12, 2009

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