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A vicious hangover induced by a night of drinking heavily.
Guy wakes up, feels his head

Guy : "Oh, God, It hurts to live!"
#hurts #drinking #hangover #hungover #life
by Evil-Boy June 24, 2006
Any girl that makes out with anyone when drunk all the time. Be it with friends or random people, this person will not sleep with you and leave you blue balled for eternity.
Guy : "So, what did you do last night?!"

Girl : "Got drunk, made out with someone I just met that night, again."

Guy : "Did you have sex with him?"

Girl : "No!"

Guy : "You are such a slut mouth!"
#whore #slut #mouth #kissing #making out
by Evil-Boy June 24, 2006
A polite way of saying Nigger Lip, it's also undetectable to the average African-American.
Guy #1 "Dude, that fucker nigger lipped the shit ouf my cigarette"

Guy # 2 " Dude, watch it!"

Guy # 1 "I mean, he ligger nipped the shit out of my cigarette, bitch!"
#nigger lip #moist cigarette butt #disgusting #gross #saliva
by Evil-Boy June 24, 2006
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