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An unbiased, purely informative approach to the question.

1. A man who has got the music of Jamaica into the mainstream world.

2. A man who has perfectly working vocal cords. the effect of atmospheric conditions, local climate and evolution works together to cause an effect known to the world known as an accent. This is a change in vocal pitch, some stereotypes are- Japanese people might sound phoenetically like "oooh ya ching ching cho." British- Oi Mate! you beh-a change yoor clothes twat" and Jamaican- "aiii mon, mi put the dutty pon de floor"

3. A man who got into the music industry at a very young age and has experienced a wide range of music.

4. Is a Dancehall/Ragga DJ.

5. One of the truer Jamaican representations of the style of music that suits the lifestyle and culture of the islands that it orginates from.

6. Comes from a Third World Country, although grew up as a middle class citizen.

7. Is of Jamaican/Chinese and Portugese Descent.

8. Finally- The reason why they play him a lot at clubs and dancehalls---Most people who are Tonedeaf or have terrible voices usually cannot understand the words from another country, hence they cannot sing along (like a campfire cult) to the music, so the people on the dancefloor can dance in peace, without some opie trying to sing their lungs out to a song out of their vocal range
Scene-Popular Pub/Club. (no racialist remarks intended)

White Guy- Hey lets go to the dancefloor and kick up a storm eh?
Black Girl- Fo Sure.

(Sean Paul's 'U A Pro' starts playing)

White Guy- Ooooh this song is so weird, i cant understand a word.
Black Girl- what do ya mean, man?
White Guy- listen- "Girl yuh got dem weak wid yuh style,
Girl yuh got fi see it, yuh got di man dem weak in di knees to how yuh body just a tease dem a chat seh"

Black Girl- To us, it sounds like normal english with an accent. To you it should sound like "Girl you have them weak with your style, Girl you have to see it. You have the men weak in their knees, to how your body is just a tease to them to chat, see?"

White guy- ohhh...

Black Girl- Yes, we made it that way so you cant sing to our songs, just like we dun wanna sing to ur songs.
by Evil Lincoln March 23, 2007
A revelation combining Sexual Foreplay and the Presient iPod Device. see iPod

It is basically a womens or (gay man's) vibrator. The Difference being here that when connected to an iPod it will vibrate to the beat of the music.

An Excellent way to spice up the Metrosexual's sex life and best used when listened to with Reggae, R'n'B, Hip Hop or some other loud base-y music.

Hawthorne Heights NOT recommended.

Guy- Hey Honey, got a pressie for you...

Girl upon opening gift- OH MY GOD! its an OHMIBOD!
Girl- Whats an OHMIBOD??

Guy- Here lemme show you...

Girl once using it- Oooooh-ooooooooh Reggae Bombastic!
by Evil Lincoln March 23, 2007

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