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Cross between "skank and "rat". Not to be confused with a bimbo, who at least knows what she's doing, a skrat is a misguided, clueless girl typically in the 13-15 age bracket. A skrat is obsessed with boys, "gets" with a lot of them, binge drinks, etc. She implies that her behaviour is an effort to prove her "womanhood", "independence" and "rebelliousness", but her true motives - a desire to be cool, to impress people and become popular - are painfully obvious.
Skrats can be easily recognised by the way the brag about things anyone else would find embarrassing: their hangovers/what they did when drunk/how many boyfriends they've had. Their everyday speech is somewhat incoherent and their typing is even worse(sexy_bich says: i heart u cuz ur leik da htst tng on da plnt!11! lol). They always, always, always idolise Christina Aguilera.
I know I'm reminding you of someone. Use the word in a sentence today:
"Shut up, you little skrat- you're a living joke."
by Everyone else April 15, 2004
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