2 definitions by Evel Knievel

1. A person that uses Twitter
2. To have used Twitter (past tense)
1. "Do you have a Twitter account?" - "Yes, I am a twat"
2. "Did you tweet last night?" - "Yes, I did twat"
by Evel Knievel April 28, 2009
1. The belief that a liking of Rage Against The Machine accounts for differences in human character or ability.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on liking of Rage Against The Machine.
3. That Rage Against The Machine don't deserve to be UK Christmas number 1 in the singles chart.
"Join my facebook group / follow me on twitter, then buy RATM Killing In The Name on iTunes/Amazon/Play.com and help make it the UK Christmas number 1 single rather than that crap from X-factor"

"No way man, that's retarded"

"You're such a ragist"
by Evel Knievel December 15, 2009

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