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2 definitions by Evan N

Gaining popularity as the new sexuality for some genderqueer/androgyne people. Hetermosexual is the attraction to the same sex for both genders. Since genderqueers define themselves as both genders; hetermosexual means the attraction is to the same sex no matter what gender.
If a genderqueer is biologically male, but is only attracted to other men; they would be hetermosexual. Meaning when they feel feminine; the attraction to men stays, and when they are masculine; the attraction to men stays. (It's the same for females as well, obviously)
by Evan N April 29, 2006
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When you want to spazz out on the keyboard, but instead you type "fuduska" to make it pronouncable but at the same time...odd.
A- fuduska!
B- ...what the fuck?
by Evan N December 07, 2005
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