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3 definitions by Eva Marie

Home decorating magazines.
The home decorating magazine was nothing but kitchen porn. The pictures were airbrushed and enlarged because no one's house could look like that.
by Eva Marie October 14, 2007
26 7
Any home decorating magazine with pictures that show perfectly decorated houses, apartments and gardens. The pictures are computer altered or airbrushed to make the rooms look bigger and clutterfree because nobody's kitchen is that big.
Gerry's wife opened her kitchen porn magazine, pointed to the stainless steel kitchen island and asked, "Do you like her kitchen better than mine?"
by Eva Marie October 09, 2007
23 12
Expression of an unbelievable surprise or anger to a situation or behavior.
"Jesus Jumped Up Christ, sis! What the hell were you thinking?" said Eva's father when she poured the can of peas all over the pizza.
by Eva Marie September 02, 2007
17 13