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1 definition by Euseiquevou1989

Coco is a brazilian definiton for Coconut. It's use in US and other countries may refer to good quality cocaine, as it's in rock form so you need to crush it or as some say - grate it - then resulting in the slang "grate coco". Coco refer to cocaine in the most pure form available, not yellowish, mixed or whatever mostly people get. So you are not able to use the word Coco to call your shit cocaine. If so, you are misinforming people and lying about your powder and your overall financial and social status situation.
"I need to sniff some Coco right now"
"Do you have some Coco? Or just shitty coke?"
"Man get a life and stop snorting this crap, get some real Coco!"
by Euseiquevou1989 September 05, 2012