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2 definitions by EuropeanComposers.comKOKOV

Derogatory Slang - To tell one to "go away" and "leave" without direct offence.
Allow me to introduce the Russian President and his British girlfriend....Kokov and Di Meenit...
by EuropeanComposers.comKOKOV February 09, 2011
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A European composer, well known for his symphony on G string.

Can also be used as a quick fire derogatory response when needing to be witty, sarcastic and simply understood.
Linked together with other names can make a phonic sentence,
"You are a child of East Asian and European decent arent you?"


"Your mother must have been japanese and your father a russian composer?"


"Your name, it must be ...Ydo-tu Kokov...."
by EuropeanComposers.comKOKOV February 09, 2011
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