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Repuclicans are followers of one of two moderate right-wing idealisms currently vying for power in the United States of America.
Like most people, they are well intentioned, and believe firmly in 80's conservative thought, that society should essentially be run on the basis of a firm, fair meritocracy.
Sadly, there are many faults to this point of view. Like most ideologies it fails to take into account much of practical reality. The net result of excessive republicanism appears to be unregulated markets, social inequity, aggressive tribalism and unaccountable power structures run by a wealthy elite.
These excesses run contrary to the ideology's core values, and so it might be said to be self-destructive.
It is questionable whether the United States (and we in the rest of the free world) should be under the leadership of the present president were it not for the partisan nature of the US legal system; in particular the majority of republicans in its upper echelons.
by European October 29, 2003
Charlie Parker
Bird is the greatest saxophonist who ever lived.
by European October 29, 2003
Home to countless proud acts of history, to many beacons of humanity, yet, in the words of Billy Connolly, "can't even find a decent culture to be colonised by".
The English Canada.
Self-derogatory ,quasi-intellectual, left-wing, beautiful, shit weather.
"You come from Scotland? You speak really good English"
by European October 29, 2003

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