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A slightly racist term to describe a black male.
Someone stole your bike? What did he look like?
Well uh, he was a Chocolate Man.
by EternitySpent August 23, 2007
Used to describe an unfavourable situation or event. Derived from the old "beats a kick in the teeth" saying.
Well, isn't that just a shit in the teeth.
by EternitySpent August 23, 2007
Refers to pre-cum occasionally excreted from the male penis to be used as lubrication during intercourse.
Hey Bill... what the fuck is that on your hand... oh my god, it's Dick Dew!
by EternitySpent August 23, 2007
A derogatory term used to infer someone is acting like a complete fucking douchebag.
Shut up Shitsweep!
What are you up to now, you shitsweep.
by EternitySpent August 23, 2007
1. A common abbreviaton for touchdown.

2. An abbreviation for Tower Defence, a type of game popularized by Starcraft Use Map Settings and Warcraft 3 Custom Games.
1. He's passed for 250 yards, with 3 TD passes and 2 interceptions.

2. Want to play some Warcraft?... Only if it's a TD.
by EternitySpent August 23, 2007

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