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Bridgewater, also known as B-Dubb (which originates from the first letters of the words Bridge and Water, B W, which was eventually shortened to simply B-Dubb) is a town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia with a current population of about 7600. The town's main industry is a Michelin tire plant. If this closes, we're fucked. It also has a huge population of bullies and wiggers, as well as a completely ineffective school system. Basically, it is a shit hole of the first order. However, there is an up and coming music scene in the area, as well as a movie theater, which was built in 2004. Many new and innovative businesses are also moving into the area, some of which survive and others do not.
Bridgewater is routinely made fum of by people living in Halifax, and, in turn, residents of Bridgewater make fun of those living in Liverpool. So it could be said that shit runs down the shore.
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia area resident: Let's bang
Haligonian: Eww, no! You're from Bridgewater!

(This is based on a real conversation which happened over msn)
by Espak May 18, 2008
A subculture which started out as a music genre with influences from the punk/alternative scene of Washington D.C. in the late 1980s. In recent years, it has expanded to become an entire subculture. Originally, followers of the emo subculture were kids who didn't fit into the mainstream and considered themselves to be non-conformists. Sadly, however, the emo label has become so popular that nowadays most emos are kids who grew up living life exactly the same as every other fucking kid, and now they have decided to go emo, simply because it is what every other kid is doing. However, some emo kids are those who turned emo before it became the mainstream, and these are the true non-conformists.
True non-conformist free-thinking emo kid: Oh, look, you're reading trainspotting! I love Irvine Welsh!

Mindless conformist 'emo' kid: What the fuck you faggot. Reading's for gays and pussies. Go watch wrestling like evryone else.
by Espak May 10, 2008

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