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A creature that is very rarely seen that lives in Atlantis. A Caligosquittell has a rainbow outline on it's body, plungers for arms and legs, 8 colors mixed around in it's body, and has 2 eyes. The left eye is bigger than the right eye. A Caligosquittell also pukes rainbow and it's farts create rainbows.
A Caligosquittell must've just been here since there is rainbow on the ground.
by Espadrilackapackeebaruyeeyee April 16, 2010
Philospher in Frivalistaversion.
The most famous frivalistaleetlelarian of all time is Espadrilackapackeebaruyeeyee.
by Espadrilackapackeebaruyeeyee April 16, 2010
The language of the Caligosquittells.
Caligosquittell is spelled and said the same way in English as it is in Frivalistaversion.
by Espadrilackapackeebaruyeeyee April 16, 2010
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