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The sound of a sheep exploding.
Siss boom ba.

New Zealander: Nooooo! Oh well, we've got plenty more.
by Escalus May 09, 2005
An anti-American punk rock band, with good sound, but lyrics that make fun of a country that pays them to badmouth it. Their income is based off of a hypocritical irony. I would like to seem them go to Cuba, or Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and make fun of THEIR respective countries.

They would literally be arrested by the military and probably shot. America is about as good as it gets, people.
Green Day has great sound, but sends a very hypocritical, anti-American message.
by Escalus July 28, 2005
A pretty awesome comic book company, responsible for all the Star Wars comic books and graphic novels, among others.
You can pick up Dark Horse comics at your local comic book store.
by Escalus August 27, 2005

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