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From the combination of freak and knob, this term is used to define the level of a person's weirdness.
Mary likes to suck on her own toes at night. Her freaknob is set at 10!
by Ernst Schneider August 05, 2003
This is a condition that can happen to a person who has recently purchased an Apple conputer. To them, the world seems a little duller, a little more nonsenseical. Simptoms include: Long blank gazes at the Apple's interface and/or hardware design, shutting out of external stimulous such as telephone, email or personal contact and in extreme cases the user may stop eating.
Oh man, it's not looking good. Geoff's been in Apple-eptic Shock since he got his new 12" PowerBook with superdrive and iPod at no extra charge.
by Ernst Schneider December 23, 2004

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