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A economic system which is usually short lived before becoming corporatism. In this system, everyone is said to have an equal chance to become rich, depending on how hard they work. While this is true of capitalism, usually by the time a capitalists become rich, corporatism is born. A system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. While Capitalism is a good idea, in theory, it is not in practice. Just like communism. Neither work. Usually, the only way for a semi-capitlist state to exist for any length of time is through democratic socialism.
Capitalism kicks ass! Now that I'm rich, I don't have to work, and since there are no taxes on the rich, I can just keep making more and more money without any idea of what to do with it! Nevermind the fact that other people need this money more then I do, it's mine, and I deserve to keep it, even though I'll just use it to buy things which I don't need, then keep the rest for my son to inherit, so he doesn't have to do any work either! Isn't "capitalism" fun?
by Eriond November 20, 2004

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