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An expression of exasperation and disgust when a person is divulging personal details of his sex life, toilet habits, or anything the listener finds disgusting, uninteresting, and unwelcome.
"I'm still dating Susie, but her vagina has a foul odor. Still we made love three times last night, and once I let her go on top."
"Too much information!"
by Erik Ritter November 17, 2007
the quality of arousing amusement, and scorn. A theory of science which appears too ridiculous to be seriously considered is said to have a “high giggle factor.”
Mr. Edison, you won't get past the giggle factor. No one believes you can make a machine talk!
by Erik Ritter November 17, 2007
British Nine o'clock p.m., the dividing line between "family" television programing and "adult" programing. Programing unsuitable for children is broadcast after the Watershed.
He's addicted to porn and he won't bother turning his TV until after the Watershed.
by Erik Ritter November 17, 2007
Gang activity on the Internet, recruiting, taunting rival gangs, posting information.
Since they started netbanging, we've had more gangs and more crime in this city.
by Erik Ritter November 20, 2007

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