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The standard keys to place one's fingers on when typing on a standard layout keyboard. sometimes referred to as the home row. Corresponds as follows:
Left pinkey, "a"; left ring finger, "s"; left middle finger, "d"; left pointer, "f"; either/both thumb/s goes on space bar; right pointer, "j"; right middle finger, "k"; right ring finger, "l"; right pinkey, ";".

One may also pound on these keys before attempting to type out of frustration or anger. Sometimes an outlet for writer's block.
ex1 (standard layout): asdf jkl;
ex2 (frustration all at once): ljkadsf;ljkadsas;dklfakl;sdjf;lkjsadf;
ex3 (frustration outer to inner): a;lskdjf
ex3 (frustration inner to outer): fjdksla;
ex4 (frustration left to right): asdfjkl;
ex5 (frustration right to left): ;lkjfdsa
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by Erik Price October 23, 2007
An exclamation similar to "D'oh", the popular phrase said by Homer from The Simpsons. Similar in meaning and annunciation.
Saying this phrase to another Simpsons buff displays superior knowledge of Simpsons trivia; said usage also points out the over usage of the phrase "D'oh" and avoids obvious simpsons clichés.

Origin: In Simpsons episode 1F16: "Burn's Heir", an actor portraying Homer mistakenly exclaims "B'oh" after dropping a sandwhich while trying to convince Bart the actor is the real Homer (Saying "D'oh" would have been more realistic).
Person1: "Dude you just dropped your beer"
Person2: "D'oh"
SimpsonsBuff1: "Dude you just dropped your beer"
SimpsonsBuff2: "B'oh"
#doh #d'oh #boh #homer #simpson #simpsons #homer simpson
by Erik Price June 12, 2007
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