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Webcest describes actions of a sexual nature that have been made possible only by the internet. Something described as webcest should be disturbing to some large population, as incest is.
Webcest is that special feelin' you get when you're makin' love to your old lady and you're both dressed like giraffes!

It's that feelin' you get when you got high-res, glossy printouts of tub girl and goatse and you're all alone on a school bus.

Webcest is when you find dirty pictures of your ex-girlfriend on the internet and you print them out for later.

Webcest is when you realize that you're wanking off to a distant relative without knowing before.

Webcest is finding a porn site about a girl who looks like your exgirlfriend and bookmarking it.

Webcest is when you realize the fifteen-year-old you've been having cyber sex with is actually your niece.

You don't get STDs from Webcest, but you should.
by Erik the Red August 05, 2005

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