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myyearbook is a site that is like other definitions fun for the first day. they said they would never have any ads ever but now its totally engulfed in ads, their stupid idea of "lunch money" sounds good at first until you realize you have to "secretly admire someone" or something like that to make a "real" profit(or you could play games), their site is also overly packed with javascript
Person 1: have you been to urban dictionary?
Person 2: yeah and it SUCKED!
Person 1: I know!
Person 3: omg you guys on myyearbook, guess what i did, GUESS!!!!, any way i GOT A BUNCH OF FRIENDS!!! i soo great right???
Person 1 & 2 in unision: that would be great but its leik only a website. even if the whole world is you friend on there youre still a loser with no friends here you attention whore!
Person 3:omg omg omgosh! that is like soo hurtful! imma go cut masahlf and complain to all my friends of how hurtful people can be and speculate commiting suicide but NOT DO IT!!!
by Erictheunusedpsuedonym August 04, 2008
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