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Sleepydrunk is a term which applies when you have reached that state of consciousness in which you are so tired (exhausted, sleep deprived, etc.) that you begin to act drunk. Usually begins occurring after 36 hours without sleep. It can also occur when you only get a few hours of sleep a night for several nights.
Pete: Hey man wazzup?
Joe: Dude, Pete are you drunk?
Pete: Nah, jus' haven't slept in few days...
Joe: You're slurring your speech and stumbling around. You must be sleepydrunk
by ErictheAzn February 09, 2010
A place on Twitter where you go where you fail. (99.5% of Twitter belongs there ALL the time)
Twitter won't let guys results show up in failcorner so it belongs in the failcorner
by ErictheAzn August 05, 2009

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