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9 definitions by Erich

To defecate with such extreme force and vigor it renders one completely fatigued, yet very euphoric. It usually results in the entire bowl being coated a healthy brown. Such causes involve White Castle, grease truck food, college dining hall food.
Oh damn man I dont know what the fuck I ate but MAAAAANNNNNN was that a good powershit!!!
by EricH April 19, 2005
21 5
meaning homeboy or homie
"wasap homeslizzle!" "nutin much B"
by Erich October 17, 2004
18 8
beener: a mexican.
dogg: being a close friend or a "homie"
"yo what up beener dogg?"
"not much homie"
by Erich October 17, 2004
13 6
To snitch on
"You better watch Sally, she'll take your weed and then eat cheese on you."
by erich May 31, 2013
1 0
Get Bread, Spread Butter, Repeat.

This is the modern day acronym for the American Dream.

Make money, spend it on your family and friends, and make some more so you can do it again and again.
"I'm grinding so hard for my family right now, my new motto is GBSBR!"
"So focused on GBSBR, no time to waste."
"I'm living the dream! #GBSBR"
by eRich October 21, 2013
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A blonde girl who goes out with a buy for a year and a half and gives him nothing. When the guys friend plays with her for a day and gets everything.
Wow, shes such a kloos.
by Erich April 28, 2004
1 3
someone who sucks chode or penis
Tyler is a chode eater
by Erich March 07, 2004
13 24