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What I'm most proud to be. And it's not because our nonna's cook us food whenever we want, or because our houses are usually kick ass and spotless, or because most are blessed with good looks, or because Milan, Italy is the fashion capital of the world, or the funny accents, or family ties to the Mafia. It's because we're intellegent people. Most think Italian boys are John Gotti clones. I'd admit in some cases, this is true. Oh and ALL ITALIAN MEN SMELL GOOD. Have you ever gone to an Italian wedding and passed by all of the good looking boys in Armani suits?! They smell lovely. Italian women are dark usually and no, not all Italians can cook a good dish of pasta, only our grandparents can. Italians have contributed a lot to this world. And any Brit, Irish/Scottish lad, Japanese gangster, arrogant French man, Prideful Portuguese is hating on the Italians, JUST KEEP WISHING ONE DAY YOU'LL WAKE UP SMELLING GOOD IN AN ARMONI SUIT AND HAVING AN ITALIAN NONNA COOKING KICK ASS FOOD WHILE YOUR UNCLE TONY PLAYS CARDS WITH THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY WAITING FOR THE LASAGNA TO BE DONE.
John Gotti lookalike #1- *cuffs sleeves, puts aviators on* YAO YAO MAN YOU STEALIN MAH HAIR GEL?! YAO WHY ARE YOU STEALING MY HAIR GEL?! *talks really fastly mumbling fungulo*
Intellegent Italian: You're a disgrace to Italians. You're what makes me want to curl up in a ball and become Korean.

John Gotti lookalike#2- WOULD YOU JUST WATCH THE HAIR?!
by Ericaaa July 27, 2006

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