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The pinnacle of Harry Potter Maurauder-era fanfics. Work in Progress. Utterly hilarious and addicting. *SQUEE*
"I was reading the shoebox project at three in the morning, and i could'nt stop laughing- i woke up the whole house."
"Oh, my. I must read that."
by Eric the Half a Bee January 06, 2005
The Great and Omnipitent book of 'made up' words, many of which are defined on urbandictionary.com. May be revised at any time. Often personalized with variations of 'nonsense-words.'
"Dude, that's totally Frakistamodellic!"
"Hey, there's one for the Hebreshnack."
by Eric the Half a Bee January 06, 2005
To simultaneously frolic, hop, and stomp. In that order. To be used only when truly exhibiting fromping behavior. Often associated with llamas and foosball.
"Uhm, what the hell are you doing?"
"We're fromping! We're fromping our way to the foosball table. Do you like llamas?" *fromp fromp fromp*
by Eric the Half a Bee January 06, 2005
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