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When a chick gets jizzed in the eye and then tries to open it only to find her sight impared by a webbing of manjuice.
This chick got a dose of the web eye after i shot her with a massive load.
by Eric GGGG August 21, 2006
A chick that nibbles in delight on ones beanbag as if it was the last morsel of food on Earth.
After a night on the town I had this sack snacker nibble me raw
by Eric GGGG August 16, 2006
A dried piece of snot hanging from ones nostril blowing back and forth with every inhale and exhale. Like a maitre'd at the front of a restaurant.
Dave's date was going well with Kate until the maitre'd scared her shitless.
by Eric GGGG November 20, 2006
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