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5 definitions by Eric Dion

Massachusetts and Friends
New Hampshire? Maine? Connecticut? Oooh, you mean those other states in Massachusetts and Friends!
by Eric Dion March 17, 2004
My home state... the one no one ever remembers, and might be left off the maps entirely if we weren't the first state in the primary elections. I'm movin to northern cali when I'm older. if you want some nice peacefulness ya kno besides all the people on quads and dirtbikes then come here.
Huh? What the hell is this New Hampshire you speak of?
by Eric Dion September 16, 2003
A dipshit from Massachusetts. Usually: a driver from Massachusetts, whom everyone hates (did i use whom right? i never kno) To be accompanied with a flash of the middle finger.
You Masshole!! Learn how to drive!
by Eric Dion September 16, 2003
That state next to that one with the maple syrup...

Part of Massachusetts and Friends (New England).
New Hampshire, New Hampshire... nope, can't say I've heard of it.
by Eric Dion March 17, 2004
Mystic savior of Mudpit. When he was born, half the fifes exploded, signifying his incredible gift. Alive during the Middle Ages, he was the only person who could harness the fifes. Oh ya, he went insane and killed everyone. He started with France. But not French Canada. Cuz that's where my dads family is from. See also: fife
Thank goodness Durf is here to stop the fifes... Holy shit he's the one controlling them!
by Eric Dion September 16, 2003