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A common way scarecrows request crows to "fuck off."
"Arggghhh! Feck off crows!!!"
by Eric Bot July 04, 2003
1. To concentrate on.
2. To make clear.
"Dude, come on, just focus."
"Did you just say 'fuck ass?' Get away from me!"
by Eric Bot July 04, 2003
I slight upgrade from l33t. Which means to be "elite." The "zor" adds power to it, therefore making it describe someone who is quite extraordinarily elite compared to the average elite individual. Commonly used by nerds and almost solely spelled this way, by nerds.
"W00t! I am so l33tz0r! I totally roXX0red J00! Fear me! By the way, I've never touched a real live girl except for my mom! Although she is quite reluctant about that! W00t!"
by Eric Bot July 04, 2003
A common misspelling of the word schmeckle. Often used by idiots with small penises who can't spell. Even after I told them a hundred times it's spelled "schmeckle." See schmeckle
"It's spelled s-m-e-c-k-e-l."
"NO, it's not. Your brain is just about as big as your damned schmeckle!"
"It's a new word. It made it. It's mine."
"I hate you."
by Eric Bot July 04, 2003
An exclamation of sorts usually shouted out by short dorks. Often followed by, "storzin forzin morzin."
It has no actually meaning, but does accidently suggest that the speaker is a big loser.
"Hey Mike, how are you today?"
"Whorzin storzin forzin morzin!"
"Still stupid I see."
by Eric Bot July 04, 2003
1. The reason form of "twat." It's much better because it is backwards and hard to say.

2. Twat spelled wrong.
"Dude, how would you say twat backwards?"
"I don't know you fucking tawt!"
by Eric Bot July 04, 2003
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